Feel the Fear

The days leading up to March 24, 2017 have been great learning opportunities. I’m not just talking about the first 55 years of my life with all of the growing pains, life lessons and career opportunities.

For many years I thought the things that rated high on the imporance scale were raise my kids the best I could (check), work hard and make a name for yourself (check) and of course, keep your customers happy by providing high quality work so they will keep returning and refer you to others.

For the most part, my mom and I had a very good relationship, a closeness that was pretty steady throughout my life.  Sure there were moments where I was a little less than thoughtful and considerate.  You know those self-aborbed teenage years and early twenties. Mom would get ticked off at me now and then, but we always came back to that common ground.  We knew we loved each other, no matter what we faced.

November 19th, 2016 was the day I began a new journey.  The real beginning of knowing my mom wasn’t so tough, wasn’t that Energizer Bunny we all use to lovingly call her.  Mom’s health was failing and for the next four months she would ride the rollercoaster of her life.  This was a time I got to take care of mom and be there like she’d always been there for me. Although we had had many conversations as I explored her photo albums with my granddaughter on our Friday visits.  Questioning who was in the albums, what her life was like before I was born and even some of those adventures I didn’t know about while we were kids.

Liz M Raymond

I learned that my mom, a strong independant woman who became a single mom when I was 12, had more to her than I ever realized.  She often said she didn’t like change, but you’d never have know that.  For she met life’s challenges and opportunties with courage.  When she was frightened about the unknown, she plowed through and made the best choices she could–for her and quite often for us children.  There is just too much to share, that would make this post even longer that it has become.  But let me share this with you.  My mom lived her life like the top selling book… “Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway”.  I gave her a copy of this book when she requested it for a friend of hers.  During one of our memorable chats, I told her that as much as she keeps saying she hates change, she did exactly this.  She would FEEL THE FEAR AND DO IT ANYWAY. She laughed at me, but I believe she knew that I was right.

So the next time you start getting heart palpitations, sweaty palms or that voice in your head telling you that there is no way in h*ll you can do it, remember my mom and Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway.

Please share your fearless story, I’d love to read it.

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Knowledge is Power

Liz M RaymondKnowledge is power… or so we are told when we are children.  “Go to school and get a good education, you’ll need it if you want to succeed in life”.  How many of us have heard that growing up???

But the truth is that it is only half of the equation.  You see knowledge is not power, unless we do something with it. You can get all the schooling, do all the reading and attend all the workshops you want to, but if you keep all that great knowledge in your head, the only thing you’ll be is smart. Now, do something with all that knowledge and hallelujah, the possibilities are endless!

I can remember my mom telling us kids to go to school and at least get a high school diploma! (She’s pretty happy we all graduated.) And then there are those that believe if you don’t have a degree you will never make much money  so they spend half of their life in school. And then there are those poor souls just can’t make up their mind what they want to do.


Formal education does have it’s place.  But most give little thought to self-education.  There is SO much we can learn. There is a book I like to re-read called “Three Feet From Gold”.  It has this great quote in it from a fellow by the name of Charlie “Tremendous” Jones…

“You will be the same person in five years as you are today except for the people you meet and the books you read.”

And of course, there is something to be said about the lessons that life brings.  Sometimes those lessons bring the greatest knowledge of all.

What are you doing to move yourself forward?

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